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Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 05:49:50 EDT

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    << Bob

    Looking over your message suggests to me that you are looking for a
    one-size-fits-all explanation. >>


    No, I'm not looking for one tubular sock that fits all feet. But neither do
    I accept a bin full of socks and other things that is offered with the
    promise that somewhere in it there is one that fits.

    <<I noted an explanation that I did not expect in Science, 21 July, pp. 441ff
    and 369f. The preferred food plants have produced different beaks in males
    and females of a species of hummingbirds. I doubt that run of the mill
    explanations can be bent to fit this one.

    I'm sorry, but I missed that Science article. I'm not quite sure what your
    point is. But if you are saying that this phenomenon requires a special
    explanation because the "run of the mill explanations" don't fit, then I
    submit that that is just the problem. Must a special explanation be called
    forth for every phenomenon that cannot be covered by a run of the mill
    explanation? What kind of science is that?

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