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Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 07:19:40 EDT

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    << I think Gould overemphasizes the Cambrian radiation in an effort to
    emphasize the randomness and contingency of evolution as he sees it. It
    seems ironically appropriate that this has been seized upon so much by young
    earth or ID advocates as evidence of the opposite. >>


    I think you're right. Gould has a certain perspective, and he views the
    evidence from its vantage point. That's not bad, except in so far as it
    causes him to overlook, or suppress, data that does not fit his viewpoint.

    I do the same thing. It's a tendency we all have to deal with.

    The same holds true of evolutionary authors. A case in point.
    Phylogerontology has been discredited since the days of George Gaylord
    Simpson, who ridiculed the idea. The reason probably is that phylogerontology
    is subversive to the evolutionary paradigm, with its commitment to
    extinction, not phyletic aging and death. Consequently a considerable body
    of data supporting the hypothesis that phyletic lineages have become
    senescent has been ignored if not suppressed. And our understanding of
    biological reality is diminished.

    Likewise, the current evolutionary model calls for continuity in the fossil
    record, not discontinuity as the Cambrian Explosion suggests. Data
    suggesting discontinuity make evolutionists uncomfortable; and efforts are
    mobilized to wipe it out. Again, that's not bad. But in the process, let us
    hope that evidence for discontinuity is not ignored, downplayed, suppressed.
    The effort we are all engaged in is to gain a greater understanding of
    physical and biological reality. If that reality includes continuity and
    discontinuities, so be it.

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