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Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 06:46:04 EDT

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    << Numerous evolutionary mechanisms have been proposed for generating rapid
    diversification, including key innovations (eyesight, predation, planktivory,
    hard skeletons, etc.) and environmental factors (global warming, increased
    oxygen levels, etc.). Conversely, various factors have been suggested as
    constraining later evolution, including the filling of niches and increased
    genomic integration and stability.


    The objection to all such mechanism is that they comprise what Walter Remine
    calls a smorgasbord of explanations, from which one selects the one that
    seems most plausible. Are you really satisfied that after you list all these
    possible mechanisms, plus the etc., that you really know anything more than
    you knew before? These are really only hypotheses at best that still need to
    be tested. Just listing them is no more than the first step, like
    brainstorming. How does one test them?




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