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Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 16:17:07 EDT

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    "Howard J. Van Till" wrote:

    > Allan, here's another example of ID sweet-talk:
    > "Not to put too fine a point on it, the Darwinian establishment views
    > theistic evolution as a weak-kneed sycophant that desperately wants the
    > respectability that comes with being a full-blooded Darwinist but refuses to
    > follow the logic of Darwinism through to the end. It takes courage to give
    > up the comforting belief that life has a purpose. It takes courage to live
    > without the consolation of an afterlife. Theistic evolutionists lack the
    > stomach to face the ultimate meaninglessness of life, and it is this failure
    > of courage that makes them contemptible in the eyes of full-blooded
    > Darwinists." William Dembski, in _Intelligent Design_, InterVarsity Press,
    > p. 112.
    > If someone wanted to misrepresent and insult his fellow-Christians more
    > harshly, how much sharper a point would one need?????
    > As I said before, there's a lot to learn about the ID movement from its
    > tactics.
    > It has long been a favorite tactic of anti-evolutionists to cite the
    > criticisms by hard-core Darwinian atheists of the theistic aspects of theistic
    > evolution. The fact that Simpson, Provine et al are then being allowed to
    > function not as scientists or even philosophers but as expert theologians
    > seems to escape these folks. It's a confusion explainable in many cases by
    > the fact that these folks don't know much about theology themselves. I don't
    > think that's the case with Dembskii. Maybe that argumentative groove is just
    > so well-worn among anti-evolutionists that he slipped into it without
    > realizing what he was doing. In the spirit of "put the best construction on
    > everything" we can at least hope so.




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