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    You missed the Presbyterians!
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    > Howard Van Till quoted,
    > << "Not to put too fine a point on it, the Darwinian establishment views
    > theistic evolution as a weak-kneed sycophant that desperately wants the
    > respectability that comes with being a full-blooded Darwinist but refuses
    > follow the logic of Darwinism through to the end. It takes courage to
    > up the comforting belief that life has a purpose. It takes courage to
    > without the consolation of an afterlife. Theistic evolutionists lack the
    > stomach to face the ultimate meaninglessness of life, and it is this
    > of courage that makes them contemptible in the eyes of full-blooded
    > Darwinists." William Dembski, in _Intelligent Design_, InterVarsity
    > p. 112. >>
    > Perhaps this is also why it is so important to get out into the world
    > around and discuss one's views in the marketplace. Too much isolation
    > whether it be with ultra darwinist materialist, Methodists, stamp
    > collectors, or intelligent designers is a likely to breed misconceptions,
    > if no efforts are made to check one's views with the outside world.
    > Nevertheless, this quote does surprise me. Dembski's "The Design
    > was quite reasonable (although of rather limited utility). However, it
    > not delve deeply into any issues related to science and religion.
    > For those who might be Methodists, there is no special reason for
    > this ignoble selection, ideed, it is much too general. My only point is
    > that extreme isolation within a particular group whatever that group may
    > be is not good. Baptist and Catholics can have good ideas, at least
    > occasionly.
    > So now that I have insulted everyone, I sign off with my one and only
    > remaining hope out of this tangle
    > By Grace and Grace alone do we proceed, <grin>.....
    > Wayne

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