Dembski's views on TE

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 09:50:49 EDT

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    Concerning Bill Dembski's views on TE as equalling a denial of eternal
    life--views quoted by Howard Van Till's post--it is pretty easy to find such
    views (that is, it is isn't hard to find advocates of TE who completely deny
    divine transcendence) out there today, or at the turn of the century for
    that matter. However, there are lots of other views on this also. For
    example, Polkinghorne is an aggressive advocate of personal immortality and
    the bodily resurrection, and so is Richard Bube. The typical ASA TE
    (assuming there is one) would also be in this position.

    I would stress to both Howard and Bill Dembski, that Bill's error here is
    lack of discernment. If he realized more fully the very significant
    differences between (say) a Polkinghorne and a Peacocke--sounds like I'm
    talking about ornithology, doesn't it?--he might not be making such
    statements. Of course I would urge Bill to become more familiar with those
    differences, for they betray fundamental differences in their views on God
    and nature. It simply isn't possible, or helpful, to tar all TEs with one

    Ted Davis

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