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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 18:18:36 EDT

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    The most striking thing in this interview, at least in the part Keith posted
    (I have not yet read the whole interview), is Johnson's utter lack of respect
    for those Christians (particularly Christian academics) who disagree with him.

    Rather than consider that his Christian opponents might actually be motivated
    by legitimate theological or scientific concerns (even if he thinks those
    concerns are incorrect), Johnson paints us all as "accommodationists" who "do
    not wish to honor the true God". Christian academics are portrayed as
    fearful and brainwashed and trying desparately to keep students from the
    truth. This is not befitting one Christian's description of his brothers and

    This is, of course, the point where I should examine my own eye for logs. I
    have certainly written some harsh things about Phil Johnson. But I think I
    have confined my criticisms to his theology, his science, and his tactics. I
    don't think I have ever impugned Johnson's personal character or motives, or
    accused him of being an idolator, or of selling out the faith because of his
    own personal character flaws, or of knowingly promoting falsehood. Indeed,
    while I think that Johnson's efforts are misguided results of a theological
    mistake where he accepts the work of Dawkins et al. about what evolution
    "means," I would affirm that he is sincerely trying to do what is right in
    the sight of God in those efforts. I think others who oppose Johnson's
    efforts have similarly refrained from attacking his character and from
    accusing him of sinister motives. He should grant us a similar level of

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