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Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 04:50:29 EDT

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    This argument was based on the idea that "were" in 7:11 came from "hayah" (1961) as implied by Strongs. However, by referring directly to the Hebrew text found on-line at I found that "hayah" is not in the text. This nullifies the my argument below.
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        AR: No continuity of action? 7:11 says, "were ... broken up, ... were opened." We find that "were" is to exist, be, become. 7:11 then becomes "to exist ... to cleave, ... to exist to open wide." Thus to cleave is to exist and to open wide is to exist, or to exist cleaving and to exist opening. This implies continuity, not just a single event on one day. In 8:2, "were closed" is "to exist to shut up." Thus, to shut up is to exist. or to be in the state of being shut. This implies the continuity of being shut up. Therefore, to say that the breaking up continued until the action ceased is entirely acceptable.

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