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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 23:21:35 EDT

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    Allen Roy wrote, in small part:

      AR: No continuity of action? 7:11 says, "were ... broken up, ... =
    were opened." We find that "were" is to exist, be, become. 7:11 then =
    becomes "to exist ... to cleave, ... to exist to open wide." Thus to =
    cleave is to exist and to open wide is to exist, or to exist cleaving =
    and to exist opening. This implies continuity, not just a single event =
    on one day. In 8:2, "were closed" is "to exist to shut up." Thus, to =
    shut up is to exist. or to be in the state of being shut. This implies =
    the continuity of being shut up. Therefore, to say that the breaking up
    continued until the action ceased is entirely acceptable.

     I find it difficult to believe that anyone would take the English verb
    form over the Hebrew _niph`al_, which has no auxiliary, and then confuse
    the auxiliary which is needed to form the passive voice in English with
    the sense of "to be" as a main verb. Consider: I have recently been to
    Gordon College. Anyone who parses that as "I possess existence recently
    to Gordon College" either doesn't understand English or is doing
    something preposterous like GBS's "ghoti" spelling of "fish". A
    reasonable translation of 7:11 is: ". . . all the fountains of the great
    deep burst forth . . ." There is no possible construction of the Hebrew
    as specifying existence. And one must have a doctrinaire blindness to
    suggest it for the English passive voice auxiliary verb.

    By the way, if the point were that the action was continuous, the verb
    form of choice would be the past progressive passive: "were being broken"
    or a more complex pattern, since the day is doubly specified: ". . . on
    the seventeenth day of the month, on that very day, all the fountains of
    the deep began to be broken up . . ." But there are no rational grounds
    for such a translation.


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