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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 18:07:54 EDT

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      From: David Campbell
      Because tsunamis are so big, they feel the bottom a lot sooner than other
      waves. Bolide impacts in the deep ocean will also stir up local bottom

      AR: The tsunami will primarily impact the continents because it will pass over most of the oceans without touching bottom. because it "feels" bottom earlier it will have more destructive effect on the continents than regular waves. They will affect the near by ocean too, but not have much direct effect on the deep ocean.
      The impact zone (up to 1000 miles in radius) of the local ocean will be disturbed, but this is small in comparison with the entire volume of the oceans.

      DC: Intact layers of fresher water (or other layers of significantly different
      density) produce anoxia in the deeper water, killing all oxygen-dependent
      organisms in those layers. See the Black Sea, many lakes, etc.

      AR: Scattered layers of fresh water on the surface of the Oceans is not likely to have the drastic effect you describe. Very large wind waves will cause areas of mixed water, water impact sites will cause large areas not covered by fresh water and near the continents and islands the oceans will not be covered by fresh water.

      DC: Conventional geology
      explains the present appearance of the earth well; young-earth
      catastrophism resorts to invoking unexplained special circumstances.

      AR: Lets see: since the present is the key to the past, then it follows that the past can be easily explained according to conventional geology. Creationary Catastrophists assume that a catastrophic event composed of "exceedingly rare" (in the Actualism model) subevents occurred within a short time period caused by God. Are these unexplained? Perhaps not all aspects can be explained yet, but some major (known) events are being proposed. Are they special circumstances? OF COURSE!!!!!! That's the whole idea! Sheesh! Why look for special circumstances? Because that is what is required by the Bible. An out of the ordinary, unusual, previously inexperienced event happened. We cannot expect to look for the common ordinary to explain the past as described in the Bible, unless you hold to the philosophy that all things have gone on the same as in our father's day from time immemorial. Either, something unusual happened, something which Jesus believed in, or the Bible is full of crap.

      DC: Survival of just a single pair in the recent past should show measurable
      genetic effects.

      AR: Woodmoreappe shows that this is not a problem.

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