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Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 00:42:56 EDT

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    Paul Seely wrote:

    >The great deep is the oceans, tehom means seas and oceans. Gen 7:11 is
    >very clear that the fountains are of the oceans, not of the land.

    Not so clear, Paul. Since you seem to have read about the ancient Near East,
    you surely have read the word "deep" translated from Sumerian writings
    to either their great rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, or to their
    irrigation canals
    which are "fountains."

    In the Sumerian flood epic "Atrahasis," there is an extended period of drought
    preceding the flood. Four times the phrase "fountain of the deep" or
    of the deep" is used in direct relationship to the drought and their fields
    deprived of water.

    Here is one verse:

    "Be[low] the fountain of the deep was stopped, [that the flood rose not at
    the source].

    The field diminished [its fertility]"

    Since oceans cannot water fields, I think the most reasonable
    interpretation for
    Genesis also is that the water overflowed the irrigation canals at the
    inception of
    the flood, and when the rain stopped, the irrigation canals stopped
    the land.

    When the middle cities of Mesopotamia were excavated and clay layers were
    discovered, which archaeologists dated to roughly 2900 BC, there was found
    fresh water marine deposits - nothing from the sea whatsoever.

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