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    Here's a great thing I just received in the email. Ugh.

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    From: Bryce Gaudian <bryce@vanladder.com>

    Greetings. Here is information on a brand new, cutting-edge book on dinosaurs, fossils, creation and evolution . . . a classic that I would like to encourage you to consider purchasing for your home, your school, your church, or your local library:

    Joe Taylor’s New Book:


    . . . It’s Finished & Available!

    "I’m absolutely fascinated by the book, and consider it to be worth twice what I paid for it. The photography is outstanding, and Joe is prolific in giving credit to his Creator God. This book by Joe Taylor is one that I value greatly, and consider to be different, fascinating, unique, charming, and beautiful. I treasure it." Curt Sewell, author of "God at Ground Zero"

    20 years of painstaking excavation of dinosaur fossils . . .

    Unparalleled adventures. Legendary achievements !



    Joe Taylor is renowned as one of the world’s best at excavation and reproduction of dinosaur bones, and he is unquestionably the most uniquely qualified person in this present generation to write this extraordinary new book !!

    From China: "Dear Bro. Joe: Thank you for your wonderful book. It is really a great work."

    From Russia: "Thank you for your very exciting and informative book…in all honesty, I’m just overwhelmed and so grateful!"

    From Italy: "I appreciate the thoroughness of your approach, and the spirit of good will behind it, as well as the good illustrations. It is interesting to note that your ‘creationist’ vision does not stem from scientific ignorance, and does not deny the value of the scientific study of fossil remains, but it is the expression of a deep faith in the teachings of the Bible. I have a friend, a post-doc professional paleontologist who is the leading Italian expert in dinosaur footprints . . . he will greatly appreciate receiving a copy of your book." Cesare Brizio, Catel D’Aniano Bo, Italy

    From England: "It is an excellent production, and of very high quality. The content, too, is fascinating. It deserves a wide readership." Geoff Chapman, Somerset, England

    From Texas: "It is a really classy piece." Dr. David Barton, WallBuilders, Aledo, Texas

    Trilobites, Triceratops, T-Rex, Petrified Forrests, Blue Mountain Behemoths . . . There is a lot of info on the horned crocodilians of West Texas which most people have never even heard of before. Information that major institutions never discuss, such as: why are all dinosaur track ways fresh? Why is fossil dung preserved? Why were so many clam beds buried alive? Fossil animals are not more simple than modern ones. Things have not come from little to big. Giant animals and giant people of the past, and much more.


    To order: Call toll free 800-367-7454 (800-FOSSIL-4)

    Or send check or money order for $19.95 (U.S.) plus $1.05 shipping (Total = $21.00)

    To: Joe Taylor, Mt Blanco Publishing Co.

    P. O. Box 559

    Crosbyton TX 79322

    PH: (806) 675-7777 FAX: (806) 675-2421 E-mail: oinkjones@aol.com

    Joe Taylor is a "young earth" creationist, believing in the historical record of our origins as documented in the book of Genesis. An artist by profession, with credits in illustration, logo design, epic murals, and sculpture – his background in art opened the doors to many museum fossil collections. Taylor’s ability to restore and replicate fossil specimens accurately has made him invaluable to many public and private collections and this access to the inner sanctums to the heady world of paleontology has given Taylor a unique body of critical information. Taylor has spent far more time working directly with fossil specimens, from all over the world, than many who have degrees in the field. Taylor believes that what you know about a fossil is as important as the fossil itself. Taylor believes that the earth is only six thousand years old and that most fossils, especially those of dinosaurs, were buried in the worldwide flood of Noah only four and a half thousand years ago.

    Joe Taylor’s new book, FOSSIL FACTS & FANTASIES is a STUNNING PICTORIAL where Joe brings his most interesting specimens to life. Whether you are interested in trilobites, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, or giant fossil humans, this book is sure to pique your curiosity. Yet this work is thoroughly committed to the Creator and to the Biblical truths of the young earth and global Flood of Noah.


    Bill Mundhausen, member of the Creation Research Society, comments on Joe’s new book:

    "What sets it apart is the extraordinary production quality. Every page is filled with high-definition glossy color photography. A secular publisher like Time-Life Books would be proud to produce this level of presentation quality. As representatives of Christ, we ought to be exceeding the standards of secular publishers rather than struggling to just be adequate. I believe this book sets a new standard for creation science authors and publishers. A second aspect that sets it apart is the credibility that Joe Taylor’s experience brings to the content . . . it is a popularization, written in an easy-reading conversational style . . . it can definitely plant seeds in the minds of readers who are unsure about the issue of science versus the Bible. I hope [you] will do what [you] can to encourage distribution and sale of Joe’s book. Such encouragement will ultimately enable the production of more works of this high quality."

    The 1999 Homeschool Resources Catalog published by Christian Book Distributorsgave this glowing review of Joe’s book: "One of the most important books you’ll ever read!"

    Jim Fletcher, Editor-in-Chief of Master Books/New Leaf Press wrote of Joe Taylor and Fossil Facts & Fantasies: "The work you do, and your book, is vital."

    You won’t be able to put these 80 pages down! Give it a read! On the cover, Taylor headed the excavation of this big dinosaur dig. On page 6, this is not only the best known trilobite plate, but Taylor molded it himself, and got the world’s leading expert to approve of his cast of it. On page 12 & 13, the amber is from Taylor’s own collection. On page 17, the salamander bones which are pictured on top of a photograph of a breastplate found by E.C. Case in the 1920s were collected by Taylor and his brother from the very same pasture. On page 36, Taylor molded the triceratops found by his friend Mike Triebold. On page 47, Taylor examined the now famous ‘Oviraptor on nest’ personally before it was published on, and he was given a spoonful of sand from the site. The whole book is filled with fascinating facts about fossils.

    Taylor has spent thousands of hours collecting fossils himself and has lead numerous digs. His molding projects are legendary. And this intimate knowledge of fossils and the people who discover and work with them has given him a totally unique understanding of the questions of origins and the mystery surrounding them.

    The first edition is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Sample passages:

    "Evolutionists like to explain missing links of animals and areas of missing strata as having been eroded away, or that the fossil record is very sparse. It is astounding to see what has been preserved. When I began working with fossils in 1980, my first duties at the La Brea Tar Pits were to sift the sand under a microscope for bugs, bones, and plants. I was constantly amazed to see that a tiny speck the size of a period was actually shimmering parts of bugs beautifully sculpted like fine automobiles…Nature’s fossil record is amazingly complete. No proof of evolution here." P. 13

    "I’ve spent thousands of hours walking the barren badlands of Crosby County, and have collected thousands of bone fragments, teeth, dung, closed clam shells, giant salamanders, crocodile horns, and other very strange things not found in any fossil books…Once while washing bones from this area [the Triassic red beds], I left the red clay that washed off of them, to settle in a tray of water. Hours later, when I turned the tray up from one end, I noticed that the lighter top clay layer began to roll over the lower denser clay, thus creating in miniature exactly the scene I envisioned would raze the swamp forest and redeposit it." P. 17-19

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