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Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 17:46:37 EDT

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    Given all the nonsense about meteors causing the flood, I have decided to
    put out on my web page a program that I wrote from a Sky and Telescope
    article (Unfortunately I forget when it was published--somewhere back in
    '93). Anyway, the program allows you to imput the radius of the meteor, the
    type of meteor you want, the speed and the angle of descent into the
    atmsophere. It will calculate the path through the atmosphere
    (unfortunately it doesn't take into account the curvature of the earth and
    its atmosphere but it is a good approximation). It also calculates the size
    of the crater formed if the meteor hits the earth and the megatonnage of

    When a meteor enters the atmosphere a pressure wave begins to move from the
    outside to the inside of the meteor. If the pressure wave is greater than
    the strength of the meteor, the meteor will break up in the atmosphere and
    cause an airburst because all the small fragments decelerate rapidly
    sending out a pressure wave which will be destructive. This is what
    Tunguska did in June, 1908.The program calculates the breakup point for
    each object. The breakup pressure for various types of objects entering the
    atmosphere is different. If the meteor would break up it will send out a
    blast wave which will destroy a wide area, but I have left that
    uncalculated for now.

    One draw back to the airblast calculation is that this is the maximum
    energy per kilometer which is released. the real yield in the airburst is
    much greater than what I calculate as it should be an integration of a
    small part of the curve. I haven't figured out how to know when to start
    the integration and when to end it.

    The program shows just how much energy is released in a meteor strike and
    contrary to recent YEC claims that meteors are not the solution to the
    flood problem, one should consider how many megatons were released when the
    observed craters were formed.

    Anyway, the program is fascinating. If you give angles of ~5 degrees, the
    meteor will bounce off the atmosphere as really occurs with low angles of

    The program is at my website and can be downloaded from the bottom two
    links on:

    Place both the meteor file and the SVGA256.EXE file in the same directory.
    Enter the command "Rename SVGA256.EXE SVGA256.BGI" and then type "meteor".
    Answer the questions and the program should work. I won't guarantee that it
    will work with every computer but it does with mine.

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