Re: natural selection in salvation history

From: David Campbell (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 13:53:38 EDT

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    >This is speculation not explanation. Where is the evidence that at a time of
    >severe stress for whatever the cause that a blind animal suddenly developes
    >the ability to see by this mechanism? Certainly if you believe as I do that
    >these rapid periods of invention occured you must postulate a means to make it
    >happen. However, I still do not see a viable mechanism.

    The significance of the action of heat-shock proteins may not have been
    clear. Stress reveals mutations that have accumulated over time but were
    hidden by the protective role of heat-shock proteins. These mutations
    would only be useful in dealing with the specific stress if they
    providentially happened to be relevant.

    David C.

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