Re: If only ...

John W. Burgeson (
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 09:11:18 -0700

Glenn answered me as follows:

>>What I like about ID is that it does support design of the universe
which I agree. What I dislike and dislike strongly, is the avoidance of
scenario about earth history. That is the game the historical sciences
playing--the determination of what actually happened in the past--and ID
isn't even on the playing field having forfeited to the other side.

To me this avoidance of a scenario that works in the ID movement is a
failure of courage on their part--they can never be proven wrong if they
don't propose anything with future observational implications.>>

You are using the term "ID" to refer to people, and, if I agree to that
definition, I will agree. I was using the term "ID" to refer to a
concept. If you agree to that definition, I perceive you and I agreeing.


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