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At 02:46 PM 11/28/99 -0500, George Murphy wrote:
> Maybe (some would say certainly) I'm dense but I don't see the point
>of the exercise. From a theological standpoint 2 is essentially flawed
>God is "living" (Dt.5:26, Ps.42:2, Ps. 44:2, Jer.23:36, Jn.6:57, Acts
14:15 &c).

Crowl thought this was clever and you think it was pointless. Such is life.
The point is as I stated, anti-evolutionists state over and over that life
can't arise from non-life. Consider Gange (not a young-earther):

"All experiments that have ever been done to create life fall into two
categories; those that start with life and those that don't. If you start
with life and get life, it doesn't count because everyone knows that life
makes life. But when its's tried without life, we don't succeed, because
we can't succeed." ~ Dr. Robert Gange, Origins and Destiny, (Waco: Word,
1986), p. 79

Harold Coffin (a well known young-earther) says, "Significantly,
mechanistic evolution requires for its survival as a theory, exceptions to
two of the best substantiated laws of life--life begets life, and like
begets like!" Harold G. Coffin, Creation-Accident or Design?" (Washington
Review and Herald Publishing, 1969 p. 391

Randy Wysong, a YEC, in the seventh printing of his book wrote: "These
experimenters found that when matter was presterilized and sealed off from
the environment, no life arose. The work of these three men plus that of
the pathologist Rudolf Virchow (1858), who showed that cells do not arise
from amorphous exudate, but rather from preexisting cells, and the labors
of countless scientists in all of the various disciplines of biology since,
have established the law of biogenesis--life springs from preexisting
life." Randy Wysong, Creation-Evolution The controversy, (Midland, Mich.
Inquiry Press, 1976), p. 181-182

life does NOT spring from pre-existing life if life is defined as it is in
number 2.

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Adam, Apes and Anthropology

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