Re: statement on creationism?

glenn morton (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 13:08:01 +0000

At 07:25 AM 11/28/99 -0500, George Murphy wrote:
>Dick Fischer wrote:

>> YEC's have no scientific integrity - period! Furthermore, they have "no
>> fidelity to the Word of God" they purport to defend. Here are some
> YECs are profoundly wrong in their science, but to say they have "no
>suggests that they _know_ their position is wrong & that they argue for it
>Though there may be a few pathological cases like that, I think there's no
>for making such a general condemnation.

I agree with George here. When I was a publishing YEC, I believed my
position was the correct position. This was based upon placing a
predominance upon my interpretation of the Bible rather than on the
scientific data. I KNEW there were problems, but I wasn't lying--in
general, neither are those who are still YECs.


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