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Dear James,

I quote from my e-mail that you are referring to: "Believe me no scientist
runs his/her life with the findings, better said assumptions, made by
evolutionary theory. I can imagine an evolutionist telling his kids that
they are related to monkeys and then insist his/her children abide to
moral/ethical behavior. I find more of a contradiction there than I would
ever find it in a person that knows God and believes the account of

It is clear that the term "run your life" means the making of moral/ethical
decisions . Maxwell's equation deals with the description of the
electromagnetic field in terms of sources, charges and currents, and I
certainly do not run my life by the solutions of such equations. Physics
deals with "dead" matter and as such has nothing to say about values,
meaning, purpose, etc. Of course, those who are true materialists and
believe that matter is all that there is must consider their moral/ethical
decisions as being determined by matter rather than something above matter,
let us call it the supernatural. Such people have to "derive" from their
assumptions why we think there is a soul, free will, etc--a very difficult
problem indeed! Evolutionary theory is totally different. It deals with the
origin of life and many believe that it explains the emergence of life from
non-living matter. For those all "moral/ethical" choices must be based on
matter and what we consider the spiritual is pure nonsense! You and I
certainly do not fall in that category but many do.

I hope this clarifies what I wrote and I encourage you to keep reading the
posts on this list.

In the love of Christ,


P.s. I will be leaving for Raleigh for the rest of the week and will answer
when I get back. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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>On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Moorad Alexanian wrote:
>> Believe me no scientist runs his/her life with the findings, better
>> said assumptions, made by evolutionary theory.
> I don't want this to come out wrong, but isn't that a rather silly
>statement? I also know of no scientist who runs his life with the
>findings *or* assumptions made by Maxwell's equations or general
>relativity, either. But why should they?
> I'm sorry if I'm missing something, Moorad. I'm a lurker/skimmer on
>this list, and may've missed an important part of the context. But this
>jumped out at me.
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