Re: statement on creationism?

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 06:19:40 -0500

Bob Newman wrote:

>Yes, the CC of the ASA has certainly not tried to exclude YEC position, and
>one of the guys on our Creation Statement subcomm is YEC (Paul Nelson), who
>is also drafting that part of our statement. The theory of our statement is
>a main section, that all on the comm agree on, and then separate sections
>(YEC, OEC, TE, ID, maybe methodological naturalism) giving the view of that
>particular segment put together by a proponent.

Before issuing such a statement shouldn't we change the name of the
organization to the American Scientific and Pseudo-scientific Affiliation?
Otherwise the general public might get the mistaken idea that we actually
had some integrity.

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