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Wayne Shelton (wdshel@uswest.net)
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My friend has the attached comments.
W. Shelton

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Wayne Shelton <wdshel@uswest.net> wrote:
> What do you think fellows?
> =

[Attachment about signing email petition against Afghanistan's treatment =
women followed]

I state my revulsion at the reported actions. If true, they are reprehens=
and should be loudly condemned.

I checked out the UN web site and found the following facts:

The Taliban militia group that took over Kabul in Sept 1996 is blamed for=

these acts and has been renounced by the UN for these acts.

There is a Mary Robinson at the UN in the position stated.
There are statements, drafts, resolutions, etc. listed at =


[sorry for the long URLs]

and at


Just a few to get you going.

As to the plea to pass on the email, be very careful. The original text i=
s not
attributed to any one organization or person. But there are some sites th=
appear from a search for "womens rights in afghanistan".

Feminist Majority Foundation
Their page Take Action (http://www.feminist.org/action/action50.html) lis=
ts a
number of actions you might take including a petition that they ask you t=
print and "share it with friends and colleagues."

This falls short of endorsing a chain email (which is illegal in many sta=
even in email form).

Hazara.net has some concise history of the problem
(http://www.hazara.net/Taliban/women_rights/women_rights.html) which link=
s to
the actions at feminist.org above.

There are many other sites returned from the search. None of them endorse=
chain letter nor do they propose it. If you wish to participate, follow t=
instructions at these sites and others like them. They're familiar with
methods that will produce the greatest results.

I will restate my warning about sending chain email. It is not good for t=
internet, no matter how good the purpose seems to be.


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