Re: statement on creationism?

Dick Fischer (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 21:36:15 -0500

Moorad wrote:

>I do not want to get involved in this discussion but there ought to be a
>difference between ASA members speaking out against a particular view of
>creation and the ASA doing that. As far as I a concerned, the ASA ought to
>remain a broad alliance of scientists who are Christians but make different
>assumption regarding how the whole think came into being--besides the fact
>that God is both the Creator and the Sustainer of His creation.

And then I got this from out of cyber space:

Dear Mr. Fischer,
You may believe you have solved the argument (you haven't). You may
believe your ideas are original (they aren't). You think the day-age theory
starts with you, or that scores of scientists better qualified to comment
have thrashed themselves in efforts to publish a reconciliation between light
and darkness, creation and evolution?
If recent creation is a fact, then evolution is a myth. More than that,
it is a lie! And trying to reconcile creation with evolution is basically
trying to reconcile the truth with a lie. As my daddy used to say, "You
can't dip a hankie in a mud-puddle and clean the puddle. You only dirty the
hankie!" That's good advice for Christian life, and great advice for those
who would take the holy beautiful truth of recent creation, and attempt to
reconcile it with a system of dogma that has at its heart and basis the
elimination of God. What do true, dyed in the wool evolutionists think of
theistic evolutionists? Check THAT out on the internet.
Turn back to faith, to God and to Truth, Sir. Don't do the devil's work
for him.


Okay, guys go back to sleep. I'm sorry to have bothered you. But if you
don't even understand the nature of the problem - why Christianity is scorned
in many academic and scientific circles secure in their data-based
disbelief -
then just continue lancing at windmills. We are all going to heaven anyway,
and if the great unwashed is too stupid to figure it out, why should we care?

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