Re: statement on creationism?

David Nunes (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:17:10 -0800

At 8:12 AM -0500 11/22/99, you wrote:
>Allan Harvey wrote:
>>Before my name gets associated with such an oncology effort, let me agree
>>with what George Murphy said yesterday. The young-Earth view itself
>>(while I believe it to be incorrect) is not nearly as much of a problem
>>as the view of many who hold it that it is the *only* acceptable
>>Christian view.
>What I believe is necessary is to take a public stance that while there may
>be a number of possibilities or alternatives we could consider, YEC isn't
>one of them. YEC is unacceptable as a viable Christian method of apology.
>To state that YEC is not the only acceptable Christian view serves to
>legitimize it. It would be tantamount to saying that Christianity is not
>the only acceptable religion.
>Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
>"The answer we should have known about 150 years ago."

Should the ASA change their statement of faith BEFORE making such a
public statement? Would doing so isolate a large segment of members?

The ASA can could always point out the bad science of YEC, without
publicly stating that we understand the mind of God better than
everyone else because we are TRUE SCIENTISTS. That only plays to the
fear that somehow scientists are anti-God and trust data more than
the Word of God. There is a large segment of America that have deep
suspicions about the motives of scientists, and will not trust
them/us in matters of faith. We should be cautious of our arrogance.

David Nunes