Sun, 21 Nov 99 08:09:19 CT

On 20 Nov. 1999, Bob Dehaan (RDehaan237@aol.com) wrote,

>Alternatively, isn't it just as rational to posit some unseen
>_directing_ force at work that drove the land-to-sea transition
>in spite of the passage through many inadaptive stages? Doesn't
>it seem to you that a long-range goal was involved in guiding
>the whole process?

Long-range goal? I could see that being claimed for human
evolution (God had to make sure we got here), but that seems
a stretch for a blue whale. Does this mean that God looked
at Ambulocetus natans and said, "Well this is no good, but I've
got a fine blue whale in mind, so I'll just give it a little
nudge." Or looked at Archaeopteryx and thought, "Now that is
one ugly critter and it can't even sing. A couple good shoves
and we'll have a nightingale."

I have always thought of God getting a big laugh out of every
one along the way, enjoying his creation for what it was AND
for what it would be (knowing it would get there because he
gave creation what it needed from the start, rather than having
to give supplemental "kicks" to a formationally anemic

But I'm afraid I can't point you to a specific scripture to
wholly back that one up. Just my thoughts.

Grace and peace be with you. Jeff