odd day

Wendee Holtcamp (wendee@greendzn.com)
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 10:11:00 -0600

Thought some of you might appreciate this interesting but of date-trivia!
>From a e-newsletter I greatly admire called Shoulder to Shoulder by pastor
Bob Tolliver of Life Unlimited Ministry (the newsletter is geared toward
Christian leadership, but this particular deal is not part of the typical
newsletter! Just fun)

Have a great odd day ---- you'll never have another one.

Wednesday was November 17th, 1999.
The numerical format for Wednesday was 11-17-1999. All of the digits were

The next Odd day will be 11-19-1999. (today!)

The next Odd day after that will be 1-1-3111 - which is well over a
thousand years away, which we will never see.

Days such as 4-13-89 have both even and odd digits, thus, it is neither
odd nor even.

The next even day will be 2-2-2000 - the first one since 8-28-888.

So, now you have a reason to celebrate this Friday as it'll be your last
odd day on Earth!!!!!!

Have a nice odd day!


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