Re: statement on creationism?
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 06:36:00 EST

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<< Beyond this negative critique I would hesitate to go, because if we try to
offer an alternative positive view, we would never come to an agreement.

The best thing would be for a selected panel of ASA people to meet directly
Dobson to explain our concerns.


I agree that a face-to-face meeting with Dobson is preferable to a written
statement. In my church we have had some very unnecessarily disruptive
situations arise in which letters were substituted for direct meetings. It
would be far better for us to have Dobson see real brothers/sisters in Christ
who differ with him, than some phantom letter writers. Much more can be
conveyed and clarified in the give and take of a direct meeting than by
written word.

But there are problems. One lies in how a "selected panel" would be formed.
Would they be volunteers? Would ASA select them? I take it they would not
speak for ASA unless authorized to do so. Who has the time and resources to
attend such a direct meeting? One solution might be to prepare a statement
along the lines outlined by Paul, which then would be hand delivered to
Dobson, or followed up by a volunteer delegation from among the signatories
to discuss our position.

But first we need to formulate a minimal statement that separates us from
those who don't speak for us.