Physics Today

David Nunes (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 10:36:58 -0800

The November 1999 issue of Physics Today has on article on the Kansas
Board's evolution decision. It doesn't appear to cover much new
ground from other articles. For the most part the article continues
to reference "creation" and "evolution" with vague definitions. The
article does mention, however, that not all scientists are
evolutionists and not all Christians are anti-evolutionists, which is
a start towards understanding.

A 1997 Gallop poll was sited
>>> Among scientists, only 5% believe in creationism, 40% believe
>>>evolution was divinely assisted, and 55% believe in evolution
>>>without God's help.

Does anyone know is more detailed poles exist that separate the broad
categories into physical evolution, biological evolution, OEC, YEC,

I also would like to ask if anyone else thinks that we over emphasis
origins in the public school system besides me. I personally was not
exposed to meteorology, geology (excluding *dinosaurs*),
anthropology, archeology, ecology, etc. until college. However, I was
taught about biological evolution numerous times.

I know several kids that are clueless about weather and geology,
think that the sun revolves around the earth, and don't know the
fundamental differences between birds and mammals, yet they are well
aware of biological evolution. I tend to think that just as we make
too big an issue out of *evolution* when it comes to matters of
faith, that we also overemphasize the teaching of *evolution* in
schools. Maybe this is simply a California problem. We certainly do
have education problems in this state.

David Nunes