Re: P.Johnson on James Dobson

Wendee Holtcamp (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:31:58 -0600

I just wanted to write to correct myself on something I stated in a recent
email. I wrote:

>Actually, what I wrote concerning Johnson is ONLY in my top cover letter
>signed by myself personally. The second letter only discusses my reasoning

In the version I poste dto ASA I had not yet moved up my paragraphs about
Johnson to my cover letter. I did this at the request of a couple co-signers
and thought it was an excellent idea. I had thought that was done before I
posted to ASA but apparently not.

I also said:
>Secondly, the only thing I wrote at all about Johnson was "I am writing
>today because of a recent Focus on the Family radio show with Phillip
>Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial. Listening to Johnson gave me a deep
>concern about his dissemination of false information, and leading

I did have one other paragraph about Johnson in my (cover) letter that said
"Johnson claimed that matter could not come together on its own, but in the
same sentence said that God can do anything, including use the mechanism of
evolution if He so chose. Johnson's claim that macro-evolution has no
scientific evidence to support it is simply false."

I missed that in my previous email. I may or may not include this info but I
am almost directly quoting what Johnson said in his broadcast.

I just wanted to clarify and make sure my statements to this list were
accurate and truthful!


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