statement on creationism?
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 13:17:31 -0500

Ted Davis asked:

"Finally, I wonder how many ASAers want to see such a statement prepared,
with an eye to signing it if they find themselves in agreement? What say

I appreciate Wendee Holtcamp's initiative in this matter. We have often
puzzled at the lack of visibility that ASA has. I especially appreciate
emphasis on the gospel as opposed to scientific arguments.

I agree with Ted that I think we need only a brief statement to convey the
main point: that many of the outspoken "creationists" don't speak for a lot
of the
evangelical scientists in this country on what we believe about creation
or evolution. We could go further and offer some reasons why we think
the teachings of these outspoken creationists is theologically and
scientifically suspect, and why we think it is not necessarily biblical, and
even goes against some of the Bible's teachings, including the ones Wendee

(We don't have to mention any names. Many of these people are our brothers
and sisters in Christ.)

Beyond this negative critique I would hesitate to go, because if we try to
offer an alternative positive view, we would never come to an agreement.

The best thing would be for a selected panel of ASA people to meet directly
Dobson to explain our concerns.

Paul Arveson