Re: Petition for James Dobson

Wendee Holtcamp (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:44:28 -0600

Al McCarrick wrote:
>It seems that unless you have a more direct personal contact inside the
>organization, your letter makes it's way to the circular file. If any of
>have those insider contacts, that would be the way to go rather than
>the mail slot. For example, I know the Faculty Advisor for Campus Crusade
>for Christ in the Phila area. He is very interested in Creation/Evolution
>issues (with a High Ross flavor). Perhaps he could forward our concerns
>more effectively.

I agree it will probably be unlikely to get a direct response from Dobson,
which is why I thought with more signatures from scientists it may get a
better chance of actually being read personally by Dobson, rather than sent
the file route. I will take it to the Lord in prayer, and let Him guide the
process as He wishes.

I don't know a lot about Hugh Ross, but isn't he also anti-evolution? It
seems like pretty much all the mainstream leaders are on a philosophical
level (I won't say theological level because I don't think that is what it
is), without much real understanding of science.