Re: Petition for James Dobson

George Murphy (""
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:52:32 -0500 wrote:
> FOF has maintained a somewhat open view on creation issues. A while back,
> they had a discussion (debate ?) with Gish and Ross (together in one spot
> with a nuclear explosion). It was relatively cordial, with Ross pulling
> articles out of his brief case to rebut some of the standard arguments by
> Gish such as never seeing a star being born, etc. Jim Dobson was obviously
> on Ross' side of the issues where the value of scientific understanding is
> concerned (like old earth/universe).
> I have personally NOT found FOF to be very responsive. In the past, I have
> written concerning an even more open treatment of creation issues, including
> Theistic Evolution as seen by some current protestant practitioners.
> Although I did receive a cordial response, that was it. I have had the same
> response by Ross' Reasons to Believe ("Dr. Ross will made aware of your
> concerns, but he is too busy to respond himself...") and even Chuck Colson's
> Breakpoint newsletter ("Your response will be passed on to those best able
> to use the information...").
> It seems that unless you have a more direct personal contact inside the
> organization, your letter makes it's way to the circular file. If any of us
> have those insider contacts, that would be the way to go rather than through
> the mail slot. For example, I know the Faculty Advisor for Campus Crusade
> for Christ in the Phila area. He is very interested in Creation/Evolution
> issues (with a High Ross flavor). Perhaps he could forward our concerns
> more effectively.
> Al McCarrick

It's good that Ross has made some headway toward getting biblical literalists
to accept big bang cosmology, but the really difficult theological issues have to do
with human evolution. On this his position (& that of other old universe/earth
opponents of human evolution) is no better than that of Gish et al. In fact, accepting
big bang & rejecting human evolution may just provide a comfortable pillow on which
Christians can dream that they've dealt with the problem of origins in a
responsible way while in fact avoiding the hard questions.

George L. Murphy