The Image of Monkeys

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YEC theology seems to be making great strides, permeating almost-mainstream
Christianity. With unfortunate scriptural misrepresentations like the one
below, no wonder there is a growing general sentiment against evolution.

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11. Do you believe that evolution could have taken place?

Genesis claims that man was made :in the image of God."
However, evolutionists claim that man was made in the
"image of monkeys" and life came from dead earth. This means
that Jesus evolved from monkeys! There is definitely a conflict
here. If the evolutionary philosophy is correct, then the
genealogy of Jesus Christ is wrong when it refers to Christ
as coming from a literal man named Adam. (Lk 3:38) Jesus is
also wrong when he referred to Adam and Eve as the first literal
"male and female." (Mt 19:4) The Apostle Paul is also wrong when
he declared that "Adam was formed first, then Eve." (1 Tim 2:13-14)
Of course, the only real wrong person is your candidate, who comes
around 2000 years later and claims that He knows more than Jesus
and the Apostle Paul.

Please pray for those in Austria! :-)


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