P.Johnson on James Dobson

Tue, 16 Nov 1999 18:14:09 EST

I have just listened to the tape of Phil Johnson on James Dobson's Focus
on the Family program and have found Wendee Holtcamp's draft letter to be an
inaccruate caricature of Johnson's statements. I suggest that before
considering signing on to her letter you listen to the tape for yourself
which can be ordered from Focus at 1-800-232-6459, tape number CT227, The
Evolution/Creation Controversy.
I would also like to remind myself and all ASA members of ASA's
Resolution on this issue. Unless we define that ambigious word of multiple
meanings, "evolution," in our communications, we will be forever mired in
confusing dialogue. Here are the recommendations from that Resolution.

Recommendations from the ASA Resolution: A Voice for Evolution As Science

WE STRONGLY URGE that , in science education, the terms “evolution” and
“theory of evolution” should be carefully defined and used in a consistently
scientific manner; and

WE STRONGLY URGE that, to make classroom instruction more stimulating
while guarding it against the intrusion of extra-scientific beliefs, the
teaching of any scientific subject, including evolutionary biology, should
include, (1) forceful presentation of well-established scientific data and
conclusions; (2) clear distinction between evidence and inference; and (3)
candid discussion of unsolved problems and open questions.”

(quoted from text of Resolution adopted by the Executive Council of the
American Scientific Affiliation, December 7, 1991)

Note: Background and full text contained in the inside front cover blue
insert to the book “Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy: A View from
the American Scientific Affiliation,” 1993 printing.

John Wiester, Chair
Science Education Commission