Re: Petition for James Dobson: comments

Lawrence Johnston (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:25:43 -0800

Ted - I would very much like to see what you can come up with for a msg to
Dr. Johnson and Dr. Dobson. Also, in the fulness of time, the statement that
the Messiah Science faculty signed. These might go far in effect, beyond
those two great spokesmen to a much larger Christian audience.
Milikan's statement was the first I can remember which pre-dated
Jay Gould's concept of "Autonomous Majesteria" to science and religion, with
matters of fact assigned to science, and matters of value (read opinion) to

> I have become very familiar with one of the best-known such
>statements, that drafted by Nobel physicist Robert Millikan for the New
>York Times in 1923, and its immediate context (it happened just as Bryan
>was blasting scientists and esp theistic evolutionists

>Finally, I wonder how many ASAers want to see such a statement prepared,
>with an eye to signing it if they find themselves in agreement? What say

Hey, Ted, it's a big job, but I think you are the one to do it.
And, thanks to Wendee for a brave first attempt.

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