Re: Fw: draft of letter to James Dobson about evolution/creation debate

Wendee Holtcamp (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 13:17:45 -0600

George Murphy wrote:
> I'm generally sympathetic to the concerns of the letter but the part I've
>snipped above is a problem. It simply isn't true that only the first 2
>of the Bible (I assume that's the "two pages") focus on creation. It's an
>theme throughout Scripture - Ps.104 would be just one part to note.
Moreover - & this
>is something which needs to be emphasized in the creation-evolution
discussion -
>creation is NOT just about origins.
> One thing that the anti-evolution camp has right is that creation is an
>important part of a Christian worldview - in contrast to a lot of mainline
>which treats it as just a prologue to the interesting sin-redemption stuff.
>anti-evolutionists generally have a very flawed view of what an adequate
doctrine of
>creation is, but at least they think it needs to be emphasized. Those who
want to
>resist the arguments of Johnson et al should not take a "Gee, why should we
fight about
>something so minor?" approach.

Creation is a theme throughout the Bible certainly and I think it can well
be said mainstream Christianity has failed at their job as earth stewards if
you look at the state of our environment. That is very neglected and also a
rich source of inspiration (nature - God's creation). I think that
everything God created is good is important to our understanding and
appreciation of animals and plants and organisms and all people. People use
the Bible to justify all kinds of convoluted thinking, like hating certain
groups of people - but that obviously is anti-biblical since everything God
created is good.

What do you personally find most important about creation, George, that I
missed? I couldn't get that from your message.

Thanks for your clarification.


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