Fisher and Creationism

R. Joel Duff (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 15:28:36 -0400


I just read a very interesting article entitled "The modern synthesis,
Ronald Fisher and creationsism" by Egbert G. Leigh Jr. from the December
issue of TREE (Trend in Ecology and Evolution 14:495-498). What is
interesting is to see the way that "creationists and antidarwinians" are
portrayed in this high profile journal. I will just copy the abstract

"The 'modern evolutionary synthesis' convinced most biologists that natural
selection ws the only directive influence on adaptive evolution. Today,
however, dissatisfaction with the snthesis is widespread, and creationists
and antidarwinians are multiplying. The central problem with the synthesis
is its failure to sho (or to provide distinct signs) that natural selection
of randon mutations could account for observed levels of adaptation."

I have copy of the whole article I can pass on to anyone that doens't have
easy access to this journal. Just write to me privately.

Joel Duff

PS. Please don't ask for a more thorough overview of the article because my
wife is two days past her due date and so I likely am not going to have
time to get into a discussion of the article. I just wanted to point it out
to those interested and make it available to those who can't get a copy

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