Re: Noah's Ark... the Book

George Murphy (""
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 07:37:51 -0500 wrote:

> This is from my web page and shows what a hooey all this supernova stuff is.

I agree with Glenn about this but it may be worth noting that the possibility
of important influences of SNs on terrestrial life is not just the invention of some
concordists trying to explain patriarchal ages. ~40 years ago Shklovskii suggested that
the extinction of the dinosaurs might have been due to the solar system passing through
the expanding debris cloud of a near SN. Supposedly deleterious mutations would have
been caused over a period of a few thousand years by exposure to synchrotron radiation
&c within the cloud. This would have differed from the spurious patriarchal scenario
because it would have involved much longer exposure to sustained radiation levels. &
of course the Alvarez et al proposal of asteroid impact now seems pretty well
established so we don't "need" anything more to explain dinosuar extinction.

George L. Murphy