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And its funny that many Christians are amazed at people's backlash
against organized religion. I left organized religion in my college
years during my own "crisis of faith" as many have called in on this
list. I was sick of the lies and the manipulation. More than anything
I just wanted to get away from the people that wouldn't think for
themselves. It hasn't been until recently that I have been feeling the
Spirit convicting me to get involved again. So my wife and I started
looking for a church.

Two weeks ago we went to an evangelical church just down the road. The
worship service was definitely "fired up"... complete with a chior
member waving two outrageously multi-colored flags. Now having grown up
in an Assembly of God church I wasn't too phased by this but my wife was
pretty much taken back by the whole thing. And soon enough I saw the
all too familiar pattern of manipulation (guilt tripping to be specific)
coming in to play which is ultimately the reason why I left the AofG
church in the first place.

The assistant pastor, obviously an extremely extroverted individual,
eventually took the podium and challenged the congregation to take up
his newly developed program for bringing more people into the church.
It involved passing out business cards ($0.10 ea. to be paid for by the
church members) detailing the Christian faith and an example prayer for
accepting J.C. as your savior. Then came the admonishment to the church
to buy these cards and get out and speak to some of your
neighbors/co-workers. Then the kicker. However, if you were a shy
person and felt you weren't up to doing God's will it was because you
were "in bondage" and needed to be prayed for. I wish I could relay the
facial expression and body language that he used. The manner in which
he said this just completely set me off.

Excuse me? If you are introverted you are "in bondage"? That's a new
one to me. Being rather extroverted myself, I seriously wanted to stand
up and confront the guy. But then I realized that it would likely
result in me being dragged up to the altar by the deacons of the church
for a quick exorcism procedure. Ok ok so thats a little over
exaggerated but I'm sure that my "Christianity" would definitely have
been questioned.

But I do wonder how many of the introverts out in that congregation will
eventually get fed up with being hit with blatant guilt-trips for simply
being themselves and ministering to people in their own way.

The message from that assistant pastor to me was that if a person does
not believe as he believes then there IS something evil working in your
life and your commitment to God is in serious question.

But you see its perfectly logical for them. If they see God working in
their life and blessing their ministry then He must approve of their
thoughts/actions. Therefore they are doing Gods will. Anyone that goes
against THEIR/God's will is wrong and ultimately inspired by Satan.

Needless to say, I didn't even bother to stick around after the service
and ask him about his stance on evolution.

P.S. Anyone know of a church of "thinking" Christians in the Ann Arbor
area? (Preferably without multi-colored flags waving during the worship
service... rather distracting.)

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> I feel for your wife. Willis is a particularly harsh
> individual and I have
> been publically ridiculed by him in the past. What you say about the
> christian church casting aside all love, charity etc when it comes to
> condemning those of us who hold to evolution is right on the
> mark. They
> should be ashamed of themselves. I have been called a compromiser, an
> apostate, a heretic and a son of Satan by these supposedly God-loving
> brothers in Christ. I have been asked to leave certain places and I
> remember the problem Terry Gray had with his beliefs. And no
> one in the
> church takes them to task for it. Their silence is complicity.
> glenn
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