speed of light

Thu, 11 Nov 99 22:37:24 CT

I have been carrying on a discussion with a YEC friend who is
all excited about a book he is reading presently. A part of
the book apparently gives an explanation regarding how the
speed of light is slowing down from previously much higher
speeds, and this somehow vindicates the YEC position.

A fellow named Barry Setterfield is the progenitor of this
hypothesis, and is apparently a YEC. I am a TE of sorts and
so I had to wonder how I had escaped seeing the headlines
covering this in Science or Nature. My two semesters of
college physics are not much help here. Does "Setterfield"
ring any bells out there? Is he up a dry creek sans paddle
or canoe, or should I get ready to eat my TE hat?

This fellow may be old news, but my only association with
the name was "left field" and that is not much to carry an
intelligent discussion. Any help would be appreciated.

Grace and peace be with you. Jeff