Re: 2nd law and creationists (from Del Ratzsch)
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 20:04:18 +0000

At 03:35 PM 11/08/1999 -0500, Bill Hamilton wrote citing Del Ratzch:
>>One or two list members questioned whether even major creationists held the
>>position I attributed to them. However, the relevant footnotes to the
>>discussion in _Battle of Beginnings_ contain several dozen citations.
>>Furthermore, one major creationist read that discussion before the book went
>>to print, and claimed that it was the first place he had ever seen the
>>argument he and others meant to be pushing, stated correctly by someone who
>>was not a creationist.

I will repeat. While I was a YEC I had many dinners with Gish, Austin,
Slusher, Barnes, and Whitelaw. I have discussed things with ole Henry in
his office. I corresponded with Dillow, John Baumgardner, Douglas Cox, John
Woodmorappe, George Howe, Eugene Chaffin, Russ Akridge Luther Sutherland,
Robert Brown, Walter Brown, Lambert Dolphin and many many more. Regardless
of what Del's creationist said, that was never brought up during the late
70s and 80s while I was busy publishing 20+ items for the CRSQ! It must be
something new. My suspicion is that Del's creationist is someone like Paul
Nelson or Jonathan Wells. But this is a wild guess.

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