2nd law and creationists (from Del Ratzsch)

Bill Hamilton (hamilton@predator.cs.gmr.com)
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Del Ratzsch asked me to post the following response to the
"2nd law and creationists" thread, since he's not a member of the list.

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>From: "Del Ratzsch" <dratzsch@calvin.edu>
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>Subject: 2nd law and creationists
>Hi Bill,
>My attention was recently directed to the recent ASA thread concerning some
>things I had said in _Battle of Beginnings_ about the 2nd law and
>creationists. Since I'm not a member of the list, I can't submit posts, but
>would like to respond to this one, and saw that one of the posts had been
>yours. Could I get you to forward the following to the list? (If for some
>reason - or no reason - you'd prefer not to, don't worry about it.)
>Inge Frette recently asked, "Is Ratzsch correct when he argues that
>creationists GENERALLY have the entire universe (as a system) in mind in
>their argumentation?"
>There were several responses posted, but I'd like to point out a couple
>more things. First, the claim I made was repeatedly qualified as applying
>to certain "major" creationists, specifically identified as including e.g.,
>Morris, Gish, Wysong and Kohfal (e.g., p. 91) and Pearcey and Bird (93).
>This was not a claim about creationists in general. In fact, I specifically
>pointed out that "Other creationists who take their cues from those above
>have also sometimes missed some of the key distinctions and have advanced
>exactly the original misconstrued arguments that critics have wrongly
>attributed to major creationists. (p. 91) I certainly never meant to claim
>that the view I attributed only to the major creationists was either
>"general" or "universal among creationists".
>One or two list members questioned whether even major creationists held the
>position I attributed to them. However, the relevant footnotes to the
>discussion in _Battle of Beginnings_ contain several dozen citations.
>Furthermore, one major creationist read that discussion before the book went
>to print, and claimed that it was the first place he had ever seen the
>argument he and others meant to be pushing, stated correctly by someone who
>was not a creationist.
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