fingerprints (was RE: 2001's gospel message)

David Campbell (
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 12:01:52 -0500

>Looking at mankind as a whole, even without a Calvinist view point, it is
>not a pretty picture. And yet individuals are capable of acts of selfless
>courage - why?

The Darwinian explanation I have heard is mistaken kin selection. Your
genes can be promoted if you help your relatives. As applied to general
altruism, this explanation seems too broad. As an extreme, supposedly we
mistake pets for close relatives. However, a primitive tribe without words
to express the degrees of kinship involved was able to pick sides with
great precision with regard to kinship during a fight.

One could also try to claim that society encourages such behavior, but that
ignores the question of why society does this and why do people obey its

I do think human behavior and morals is a more promising area for finding
inadequacies in secular worldviews than is creation. However, it is
necessary to turn to the Bible rather than Christian sociology for ultimate

David C.