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The resurrection is mentioned in the Bible not to prove the resurrection to
future readers but to inform those who already knew of it. The resurrection
is a playing back of a totally irreversible event, viz., a miracle.


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>At 03:27 PM 11/07/1999 -0500, George Murphy wrote:
>> The demand for God's "fingerprints" usually refers to evidence which is
>>accessible in principle to all observers, in the same way that evidence
>>scientific theories is. The cross-resurrection event is indeed evidence
>for who God is
>>& the plausibility of the New Testament claims for it can be supported by
>historical &
>>literary analysis. But it happened only once ~1970 years ago & we have
>access to them
>>only through the apostolic witness to them. Thus it is something quite
>different from
>>the sort of "fingerprint" usually demanded or offered.
>True there are differences of aspect to the resurrection fingerprint and
>the others. But at the time of Christ, theoretically, the data was
>accessible to all observers. Today we no longer have that accessibility,
>which is why one like me prefers to have the other type of fingerprint. And
>I don't think one type is lesser in importance than the other. If God had
>not left the fingerprint of the Ressurrection, we would not be sitting here
>discussing things. Fingerprints are very important.
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