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"All men are created equal." Jefferson wrote it. He did not mean
women, non Europeans, or non landowners. Yet his words did have a
deeper meaning that he himself did not know (at least at a conscious
level). For us to interpret it to mean that all people are created
equal is not a misinterpretation or a miscomunication. It is being
inspired to see a deeper meaning that lay hidden to the author. There
is a lot of this in the Bible. "Look, a virgin shall conceive and
have a baby..." in Isaiah has no direct reference to Jesus by the
author. This deeper meaning was discovered by the writer of Matthew.

The New Testament is very loose in its interpretation of the Old in
the sense of keeping the literal meaning of the authors. Does this
have anything to say to us?

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> >Now, do you think Kubrick would have interpreted it that way?
> >
> >Who is right?
> I think that the only one who is right is Arthur C. Clark. He was the
> writer. All others who interpret it differently than him have misunderstood
> or changed his intent. I don't know how Clark interprets the story. This
> is no different than when I tell one of the people in my group to do such
> and such, and they intepret it differently than what I meant, there has
> been a miscommunication. I may have spoken wrongly, but they may have
> decided to do something differently.
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