Re: 2001's gospel message

Keith B Miller (
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 15:40:35 -0500

Paul wrote:

>My interpretation: Dave took a long time, trying to save himself,
>trying to escape death by means of technology, proud of his
>victory in even overcoming the murderous HAL. But when he is
>imprisoned alone within himself, after an extended period of time,
>he comes to the end of himself. On his deathbed, he finally
>gives in and submits to the will of the Power that is greater than
>him. Immediately the heavenly gate is opened, the key having
>been found. Dave is reborn in a new creation.
>Now, do you think Kubrick would have interpreted it that way?
>Who is right?

I agree with Glenn's response: "I think that the only one who is right is
Arthur C. Clark. He was the writer." I read the book after seeing the
movie, and only realized then what this scene meant in the context of the
whole story. Similarly, although the analogy is far from ideal, the
meaning of a specific passage in scripture must draw on both what can be
gleaned about the intent of the author, and on the context of the passage
within the whole scope of "the story." This also requires an awareness of
the symbols, metaphors and literary devices being employed by the author.


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