Re: 2001's gospel message (more thoughts)

R. Joel Duff (
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 08:04:08 -0400

Just a few thought on 2001 and Genesis. Notice that Kubrick portrays
events as periods of "days" with a sunrise and a sunset to mark off the
episodes. Even later in the movie you have not the surise the moonrise or
earthrise over something. He shows two 24hour days at the beginning of the
movie and yet when he moves ahead to the year 2001 it is as if one more day
has passed. Now it appears that these monolith apes developed new poweres
overnight but what Kubrick is showing that in a single day an important
event occurrs then moving ahead some unspecified number of days there are
consequences of that actual. Notice that the non-monolith, apes, they
remained apes!, which explains the existence of man and apes even though
they evolved tot heir present state from same ancestors. They had the
benifit of this same icon and yet did not recieve knowledge of it. If it
were just a matter of learning from studying the monolith why didn't other
apes of the same stock ever get the message. This is an interventionist
theme. Notice that the monolith is never said to be alien (there are not
"aliens" in the movie). It follows and guides man's progression in steps
that I think Kubrick sees as being portrayed in the major religions of the
world. Apparently this monolith is the implement of Intelligent Design
that we have all been seeking. Hey, I've got it Kubrick is actually
portraying an intelligent designer and how he might have stepped into our
evolution. Ok, the last part is in jest but there are some interesting
parallels and ideas in Kubricks work.


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