Re: Only Myths?

Wayne Dawson (
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 19:54:20 +0900 (JST)

Bill Hamilton wrote:
> I checked out the URL Glenn provided and found the title of the
> article was
> Oxygen Left Earth a Giant Snowball
> Was this the article you intended to point us to, Glenn??

The URL is correct, but you need to check the "archives" for October
29th. There you will find: "Bible History: Only Myths?".

This is the first paragraph....
> There was no exodus from Egypt, Joshua didn't bring down the walls
> of Jericho, and Solomon's kingdom was a small, tribal dynasty, an
> Israeli archaeologist says in a new article.

All of this is nothing new. These points were also in Newsweek about
two years ago.

It seems like the comments from (religious) scholars I have read say
that the Hebrew word for "clan" (=1000 persons) should be interpreted
to read "individuals" or possibly "families" yielding something on the
order of a few thousand people participating in the Exodus. This
would make it more plausible that there at least was an Exodus
although not quite the same fanfare.

Admittedly, there are major problems with the geneology before
Moses. However, I have yet to understand why the Jews would produce a
long and complicated genology for a completely mythical Moses. There
are mythical founders of nations, but none with a complete mythical
genology landing on existing people. Geneology was usually used to
establish ones claim to the throne, and it seems like competition for
that position would _at least_ ensure that the phylogeny has some
genuine truth to it.