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> I ran into the following URL which clearly shows what the rest of the world
> thinks would be the case if the Bible were only myths/legend. They, unlike
> many apologists, see the fallacy of having and believing a Bible that is
> 'only myth'. THe tone of the articles' title clearly shows that they think
> myths are inferior to historical truth. See.
> Of course if we imagine hard enough, we can still be inspired to believe it.
> This is the reason I am a concordist.
> glenn

Hi Glenn;

As I see it, the article you point to reveals the potential for disaster when an
extreme concordistic approach to hermeneutics is adopted. The article indicates
archeological evidence exists that shows elements of the Biblical account of
Israeli history are false or exaggerated; thus, if Herzog's findings are
correct, then is it not the concordanist's imperative, that we accept the
evidence and admit Herzog's conclusions? To do otherwise is to ignore the
evidence; which is something that is not acceptable to the rationalistic
presuppositions that concordism subscribes to. Such attempts to provide the
Bible with an evidential foundation - as surly concordism does - actually has
the effect of undermining Biblical truth assertions by conceding the autonomy of
man at the outset; i.e. the notion that human intellect is able to discern
reality without the work of The Holy Spirit ( a la Dutch Reformed Apologetics).
This is the fallacy of the YEC movement too.

A less stringent hermeneutic, which allows for myths to be embedded in the Bible
-- not to compose it as this thread's subject title implies -- along with
historically accurate and factual accounts supported by scientific discovery --
does not suffer the potential for complete biblical rejection. To the contrary,
it allows thinking people -- influenced by the present work of the Holy Spirit
-- to still find inspirational truth in scriptural utterance despite the
inconsistencies and the Mesopotamian myths and monsters undeniable contained
therein. Admittedly, to differentiate accurate accounts from erroneous ones in
the Biblical text, presents us with some real work; but lets --as you certainly
do -- gird ourselves as men and keep to the task! Besides, it is God who is at
work in the hearts of man; both in the past as recorded in scripture's stories,
and in the present as we experience his prevenial grace.

George A.

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