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Recently I read that those with the highest IQ are the writers. Now I know
why. They are smart enough to play games with us, the readers. Moorad

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>> At 06:54 AM 10/31/1999 -0500, George Murphy wrote:
>> > It sounds as if in practice your procedure is to assume that all
>> >is BS & unable to convey any kind of truth.
>> Well I do recall that Mark Twain, I believe, said that all the symbolism
>> that was being found in his books was not really there, yet the people
>> finding it. It raises an interesting question: who is correct, the author
>> or the interpretors?
> _Sometimes_ the interpreters are. Dorothy Sayers gives a good example of
>from a response to one of her own novels in _The Mind of the Maker_.
> But issue is not "symbolism" of the freshman English variety. The
>isn't making David, the Levites, the Temple &c "represent" or "stand for"
>truths or anything like that. The whole history of Israel is used to
convey a message
>about the ultimate kingdom of God - & that isn't an arbitrary equation
because of the
>belief that God was working toward that kingdom through Israel's history.
To use
>Tillich's distinction, David &c are not arbitrary "signs" of the kinggdom
of God but are
>"symbols" which participate in the reality of what they point to.
> & what are you doing reading Mark Twain? Most of what he wrote wasn't
>historically accurate!