Re:Word order (was Powers that Be (was Year of Destiny?!))
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:26:47 -0600

You wrote:

But has it not occurred to you that
the English translations of these Hebrew words are undoubtedly the most
widely read of all. I suggest this fact, in itself, might well be
interpreted as evidence of an Omniscient and Omipotent Creator
specifically targeting generations that appear to have completely lost
touch with Him!

This leaves me even more bothered, for it is so patently ad hoc and
irrelevant that I find it hard to accept that you sent it. Is someone
falsely using your name? I have heard that there is that kind of
shenanigans going on.

But if you are in earnest, why should we abandon the Hebrew word order
for one that only became "relevant" millennia later? Would it not be
better to go with the Vulgate, which dominated a wider part of
Christendom from the time of Jerome until this century? It has the same
word order, though with different words, as the Hebrew: "in principio
creavit Deus caelum et terram." Or was Jerome outside the control of the
omnipotent and omniscient Lord? 15 centuries less than 3? Why disdain the
more ancient LXX? But I return to my original questions: is not any word
order other than the Hebrew totally irrelevant? Do not 1+2 or 1+2+3 have
numerical precedence over 1+3 and 2+4+5?