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Yes, I too have had the experience of being asked whether I was a Christian
(more precisely, whether the position that I was presenting was a
"Christian" one). However, that occurred when talking with a complete
stranger and not even the one who had made the silly geocentric
pontifications. The responses I have received from closer acquaintances has
been more thoughtful (not without exception though).

Some Christians are willing to swallow allot when it is presented as
"defending" or "proving" the Bible.


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> > My experience is that a good
> > fraction will accept your thoughtful criticism (especially when done in
> > private) and a smaller fraction will actually change or make amends.
> My experience when doing this is that they will ask if I really am a
> Christian.
> > Some familiar examples: a fifth grade teacher repeated the missing day
> > story about NASA running computer programs backwards, an 8th grade
> teacher
> > and our youth pastor both mentioning that human footprints are found
> within
> > dinosaur prints in Texas, and finally our pastor presenting the story of
> the
> > British sailor swallowed by a whale (I gave him Ted Davis' "Whale of a
> Tale"
> > article that can be found at the ASA website).
> A fairly common response I get is that we live by faith rather than sight
> (sight=evidence). These are things we are supposed to accpet "by faith"
> Graham.
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